A global network

The NL Business Hub Munich is part of the NLinBusiness network. NLinBusiness is an initiative of employers' organisations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland in close cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs and Climate and the sector associations FME, evofenedex and Koninklijke Metaalunie.

A video message from MKB-Netherlands

Small and medium-sized businesses are the driving force behind the Dutch economy, and the Royal Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Koninklijke Vereniging MKB-Nederland) was founded with the mission to create a promising business climate for its more than 170,000 members. On the occasion of the launch of the NL Business Hub Munich in June 2020, the chairman, Jacco Vonhof, conveyed the following message. (Please note that the video is in Dutch).

A video message from the DNHK

The German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DNHK) is the bilateral chamber of commerce (AHK) for Germany and the Netherlands. At the head office in The Hague, more than 40 employees will answer all your questions about market entry, export, law, personnel and tax. In addition, the DNHK has staff in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The chairman of the DNHK, Werner Schaurte-Küppers, sent the following video message during the launch of the NL Business Hub Munich. 
(Please note that the video is in German).

A video message from VNO-NCW

VNO-NCW is the largest employers’ organisation in the Netherlands.  The main objective of this organisation is to promote the common interests of the Dutch business community at both the national and international level. The late and former president Hans de Boer expressed his support at the opening of the NL Business Hub Munich and explained at the time in this video why it is of great added value. (Please note that the video is in Dutch).

Our partners in Munich

At the local level, the NL Business Hub Munich cooperates closely with the Dutch Consulate General, the Deutsch-Niederländische Geschäftsforum (DNG) and the Holland-Club.

Paul IJmkers, Consulate General

“For the Dutch business community, there are many opportunities for the South German market. Opportunities that the Netherlands would like to seize. NLinBusiness, the Dutch entrepreneurs in Munich united in the Deutsch-Niederländische Geschäftsforum (DNG) and the Consulate General  have worked closely together over the past year to actively support Dutch entrepreneurs who want to enter this market. The first concrete and visible result of this collaboration is the establishment of a Dutch Business Hub in Munich in which an experienced community manager links online and offline Dutch entrepreneurs to local entrepreneurs and business organisations. I look to the future with confidence, and I am convinced that the Dutch Business Hub in Munich will make an important contribution to the further strengthening of the Dutch economic presence in Southern Germany”.

Paul IJmkers, Consulate General

Martijn Feldbrugge, German-Dutch Business Forum (DNG)

“The establishment of the NL Business Hub Munich is an excellent addition to the Dutch business community in the south of Germany. That is why the Deutsch-Niederländische Geschäftsforum (DNG) has supported and actively promoted the establishment of the Business Hub from the outset.


DNG’s mission is to contribute to a positive German-Dutch business climate. We offer a platform that can be the basis for fruitful cultural, scientific and economic cooperation. We help to create a better understanding between the two countries, promoting exchange. The association’s members are mainly local Dutch and German entrepreneurs in Bayern (Munich and surroundings).


The NL Business Hub Munich gives Dutch companies access to like-minded entrepreneurs with years of knowledge and experience in Germany’s economically strongest region. These can help to take the first steps on the market or to support further growth.


For the members of the DNG, the NL Business Hub offers a welcome opportunity to establish further contacts with the Dutch business community and to strengthen ties with the Dutch “Heimat”. In addition, as an association, we see the opportunity to present our events and meetings to a wider audience.


Together, NL Business Hub Munich and DNG make Dutch business in southern Germany even stronger than it already is. And we like to welcome new Dutch entrepreneurs into our network and we try to make them feel at home and have a good (business) start”. 

Martijn Feldbrugge, German-Dutch Business Forum (DNG)

Susanne, Anita en Roel, Board Holland Club - Dutch in Munich.

“At “de Holland Club – Nederlanders in München” the emphasis is mainly on social contacts and events. Experience shows that the Dutch abroad like to stay in touch with their compatriots: for exchanging tips and experiences, for socializing and increasing the circle of friends and a social or business network. We are therefore pleased with the partnership of the NL Business Hub Munich. We think it is important for the Dutch to be able to make contacts, have fun and be successful in Munich in as strong a social and business network as possible. The Dutchmen in Munich Network brings Dutchmen in and around Munich into contact with each other. For example, through monthly drinks parties and various activities throughout the year. The emphasis is on conviviality with just a dash of orange. At the same time, while enjoying a drink, it is possible to discuss how, for example, to help each other in business. We welcome the NL Business Hub Munich and wish all Dutch entrepreneurs good business and invite them to visit one of our activities. We do not have a membership system, so spontaneous visits are always possible. Our events are announced on our Facebooksite. “

Susanne, Anita en Roel, Board Holland Club - Dutch in Munich.