Aprendi, German for Dutch People

Aprendi supports businesses with the German language. Either through translations (website, product information or sales pitches for instance) as well as German language training. We provide both private as well as group classes to improve German.

Dutch people can make themselves understood in German quite well, without any real prior knowledge. Ordering a schnitzel is not an issue.
We, Dutch speakers, have specific advantages (and disadvantages) when learning German. And that is precisely what we pay extra attention to. By using our systems and our own developed method, learning German is easier and faster. With Aprendi one learns faster than other language schools like the famous Goethe institute or DAAD or apps like Babbel for instance. With Aprendi the participants need fewer classes to learn German. This means more time to spend on other things, like work, do sports or spend time with friends & family.
The classes focus on what is needed. We also adapt training materials to the target group. We train sales on a german sales pitch with the relevant industry jargon. We use the customer information and texts or search for additional material if this is not provided. This keeps the lessons relevant.

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