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The Community Manager

In addition to its online community, the NL Business Hub Munich offers you the opportunity to get in touch with a local Community Manager in Munich.

Learn more about Roel Westra

The Community Manager for the NL Business Hub Munich is Roel Westra. He lives and works in Munich and will help you further at a local level. Roel has a large network of Dutch entrepreneurs and relevant service providers on the ground in Munich itself. The Community Manager is therefore able to use their knowledge and experience to connect you with people or organizations who will facilitate your move towards southern Germany. His local network and physical presence are crucial for this.


If you are in Munich any time soon, please contact us by email or phone and arrange to drink a cup of coffee.


Telephone: +49151 5857 5815

Watch the video ‘Five question with Roel’: 

Video over Roel Westra

Learn more about Roel Westra