The Community

The NL Business Hub Munich consists of both physical and digital components. The NL Business Hub Munich aims to connect Dutch SMEs that have have ambitions to do business in southern Germany with business service providers and other entrepreneurs who are already active in Munich. This process is conducted on a physical level, through the establishment of business relationships by a Community Manager and a broad network of experts and entrepreneurs from different branches and sectors. On a digital level, the NL Business Hub Munich offers an online platform that facilitates peer-to-peer communication.

The Digital Community:


Do you have any questions? An idea you would like to run by someone? An opinion you would like to discuss? Or perhaps an experience you would like to share with others? Within the NL Business Hub Munich’s digital community, we come together to share knowledge, experiences and opinions and ultimately learn from one another. Creating a new profile in the NL Business Hub Munich digital community is easy and can be done by simply clicking on the button below:

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The Community Manager:


As well as providing access to an online community, the NL Business Hub Munich offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the Community Manager, Roel Westra. He lives and works in Munich and will help you further at a local level. Roel has a large network of Dutch entrepreneurs and relevant service providers on the ground in Munich itself. The Community Manager is therefore able to use their knowledge and experience to connect you with people or organizations who will facilitate your move towards southern Germany. His local network and physical presence are crucial for this.

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