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The Digital Community:

The Digital Community is an online platform that allows you to connect with local (Dutch) entrepreneurs and business service providers from Munich.

>   Entrepreneurs and business service providers from Munich
>   Available online 24/7
>   Peer-to-peer

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The Community Manager:

The Community Manager builds business relationships, utilizing a broad network of experts and entrepreneurs from various branches and sectors in doing so.

>   Boots on the ground in Munich
>   Broad network of experts and entrepreneurs
>   Close personal contact

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Opportunities in Munich

Munich, a city home to 1.47 million inhabitants, is the heart of international business and the economic engine of southern Germany. It is characterized by its dynamic labor market, broad spectrum of innovative companies, strong creative industry clusters and is Germany’s front runner when it comes to digitalization. Enough reasons to take a closer look at this promising market!


The NL Business Hub Munich highlights concrete opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, such as trade contracts, opportunities to pitch your business or companies available for acquisition. Discover the business opportunities that Munich has to offer by using the NL Business Hub Munich network.

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Opportunities in Munich